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Japan Food

You think about a Japan Trip? It's a good idea, i visited Japan in December 2007 and i saw a very friendly and interesting Country. Most of japanese People speak english and in Hotels or Restaurants the staff speaks english too. But, if you have problems with the english language ...... no Problem too. In front of the Restaurants you get help.

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Galerija Istaba in Riga, Latvia


if you visit Riga and you like good food, here an advice for a good Restaurant with art gallery.
Art gallery "Galerija Istaba". During my visit this year in Riga i ate there and i was enthusiastic.
Here a picture taken from me during a meal into the Galerija Istaba in May 2011.



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My last trip was Latvia, now i prepare myself for Morocco.

My last trip was Latvia in May 2011. Now i prepare myself for the trip to Morocco. Here is a good Web-Site about Morocco trips. The Web-Site is german.


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Welcome to schabudabu's Blog


welcome to schabudabu's Blog. The new Web-Site is ready and i can start with blogging. Guests can comment the entries. If you need your own account, please contact me.


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