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art and architecture

Art and architecture in a perfect combination. The  Friedensreich Hundertwasser Building in Magdeburg, Germany "Die GrĂ¼ne Zitagelle von Magdeburg" is an excellent example of this combination.

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Views: 1026 is a German and Polish Web-Site from a Hotel in Masuren, Poland. I can suggest the Hotel and Masuren as a wonderful landscape with friendly people for a quietly vacation.

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a sunset in the Egypt desert

With Quadbike to the sunset. Most of the Egypts landscape is desert. The sand dunes are more than 30 m high. Visit Egypt and you will be impressed.

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A good way to visit countries :-)

A good way to visit countries is to go by motorcycle. I visited France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech and the United States by motorcycle and it was always a wonderful trip.


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The "Badwater" basin in Death Valley, California is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. If you like to visit this place take care. The car need a full tank and your shoes need thick soles if you leave the car.

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